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Another most wonderful Tool in SEOPOID is Reverse IP Domain Checker tool!

You should learn how our Seopoid's Reverse IP Domain Checker works. That means you have to know how to find out reverse ip domain by providing your domain url on Seopoid's Free Tool Reverse IP Domain Checker. It will help you to reduce the risk of unusual cyber attacks. What is a Reverse IP Lookup? The way of Reverse IP Lookup is the system by which we can able to see the all DNS available on one IP address. There are more than one domain situated on one IP in shared hosting. We have to find out them to further development of your site. We have to identify is there other domain is situated or not on our website"s IP address or not. That"s why we have to find out the others domains on my shared hosting IP. You could do it with our Free Tool Reverse IP Domain Checker. Know more about Reverse IP Domain Checker: It will help you to find out the normal exact domain name and ip, it will also show if there is any reverse ip have or not for the particular domain. Now a days, there are many shared hosting available in the market which are so cheap, the hosting provider of this type hosting uses same ip with many domain. So, it is very important to check out if there is many domain used in your ip or not, because it is very harmful for any website owners. And, it could be cause any cyber attacks any time to your website. So, be careful and check the thing with our Seopoid's Reverse IP Domain Checker and make your website more secure. The tool will give you a list of domains which are using the same ip address. So, it will crystal clear that your website is on the risk or not. . The Reverse IP and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) There are some most popular Search Engines like eg; Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are raking the positions of all the websites. There are hundreds or sometimes thousands of website like this with a little, thin content or no content are situated on one ip address, so this will reduce the ranking of any particular website among them. The ranks start upper 1 from very lower. So, in this ranking priority of the many domains containing one ip is ranked lower by every search engine. The another thing is that, any search engine will lookup the backlink website's ip also, if the ip is for one domain that's ok but if the one ip uses more domains then it also have a bad effect on the ranking of any website. So, before make a backlink you have to justify your backlink website is ok or not, that means your backlink website should be individual in ip address. You could examine the little thing by using our Seopoid's Reverse IP Domain Checker tool. Our tool is simple and more handy to use then any other tools on the internet. If you have few websites then you could use same ip that will not have any effect on search engine ranking, but if you use many websites at a time with one ip address then it could be affect on your google ranking. Think you are now clear about the matter. Our Advices and Solutions To avoid this types of problem you have to use fresh single unused ip address, that could give you the best result to ranking on search engine. You have to knock your hosting provider and tell him to give you fresh and unused ip for you. If you could do it, then it will much better for your works. But, it will cost you little bit more. The initial setup cost could be 25$ to 100$ and monthly fee could be 2$ to 25$ per month. Once if you have got this, it will help you to boost your ranking in google easily and also it will help you to fast loading speed of your every pages of your website. Popular Use Cases for the Reverse IP Lookup Attack Surface Discovery The host means the other domains on your website IP can be attack on your website surface. To find out the problem you must have to find out first which domains are added with your website IP. After that, you have to go for further action decision. At first you have to find out the weak spot where vulnerability situated. So, to find out which domains are on your site IP you have to use our Free SEO Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool. Once when you got them you will be able to find out the proper vulnerability position of which attacking your website. When you identify the additional host name which does not exist before, It will give you the information is it new host or used in new DNS by the Reverse IP Domain Checker. Then you could point new target on the host name you got here. Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Respond to the incident of identifying or tracking noisy scan a Reverse IP Domain Checker could find out the host names which are trying to attacked system. This findings will help you to go further to solve the issue more easily. Oversubscribed Web Hosting Over subscribed shared cheap web hosting mainly causes this types of attacks. So, we have to ensure that we don't buy this type of hosting. Add some more money and buy a good hosting to secure your website. Web Hosting Reputation Hosting with this type of poor or shared is cause email delivery problem, search engine ranking problem etc. Use our free Reverse IP Domain Checker to identify other sites on your hosting and then use investigating tools to identify the poor, spam or phishing websites from your hosting. Usages Of Reverse IP Domain Checker: In different purposes we could use Seopoid's Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool. A) Check out all the domains are attached with the one IP in your hosting server. You could find them out specifically by our Reverse IP Domain Checker tool easily. B) You could find out the domains contain on your competitor IP also. C) You could know who are the service provider by collecting the IP address of any domain. D) Find out the each and every hosted domains on same IP address. It will help to reduce your site from cyber attacks. Because, you could use this information to get more details about any website which are related with your hosting IP address.