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Now you could easily know the site speed by Site Speed Checker .This is our another 100% FREE Tool that is also known as website speed checker.SEOPOID is with Overall 50+ FREE SEO Tools across all over the worlds. We try our best to give you proper services. So, use our all FREE Services to boost your SEO to next level. Testing for Website Speed: Test internet site and page speed and hit upon overall performance troubles from round the sector. View and compare how your website plays from one-of-a-kind locations around the world. Make web page enhancements based totally on test consequences and optimize internet site overall performance in your customers. This unfastened website pace check offers the following capabilities and benefits: The internet site speed check from Dotcom-gear enables customers to test their web pages from for free with up to a few worldwide places, together with from behind the exquisite Firewall of China to make certain your website can be accessed from customers inside China. Once a test is whole, customers can drill into strong overall performance reviews and waterfall chart evaluation. Users may select which browser that they had like to test from. This take a look at helps Chrome, Firefox, part abd cellular browsers which includes Android, iPhone, iPad and more! At the side of waterfall charts, the Lighthouse reviews which might be blanketed within the website velocity tests can assist suggest areas of improvement and recommend web web page overall performance improvements. Lighthouse metrics like first contentful paint, time to interactive, first meaningful paint, and others, can offer web builders and net directors with the vital information to make internet page optimizations.