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You could know by the FREE SEO Tool easily is to how to get source code of a webpage.This is our another 100% FREE Tool let you know that how to get html code of a webpage.It is more useful or important that we have to give track on our website source code. Because, sometimes we have to use other new themes for a website and this time we have to preserve our source code for further use.So, try our FREE Tool Get Source Code of Webpage for your website. What is source code? The supply code is the programming at the back of any website, or software. In case of web sites, this code can be regarded via anyone the use of diverse equipment, even your web browser itself. But, that is a little difficult on Android and iOS phones. For troubleshooting most problems with a internet site, it's far important to have a look at its source code. You could also see any internet site's supply code for academic functions, and notice the way it works. But, we recommend no longer to replicate the code in your own internet site, until explicitly allowed, as that may infringe on the developer's or internet site owner's copyright. Using view-source to read a website's HTML code In most cases, you can see any internet site's supply code by means of clicking to your browser's vicinity bar, and entering view-source:, observed through the whole URL of the page (e.g. view-source: However, this isn't usually viable, in particular on cell devices. What this site does: The tool on this website solves this hassle, and permits you to view the formatted model of the source code of any internet site. Actually replica the web page's URL and paste it above. Then click on "View source". An delivered gain is that you may even read pages that can be blocked in your united states, or with the aid of your ISP. We request you to apply this device for valid functions most effective. Importance of source code for SEO: The page source is likewise very beneficial whilst you are doing SEO, or search engine optimization. A seek engine only sees the website's supply code. Even in case your net web page seems perfectly pleasant to you, it can no longer fit the standards required by using a search engine crawler. Make it a habit to look through the code, specifically the important header tags, inclusive of identify, and description.