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You could easily find which domains are integrated with which IP by our FREE Tool Domain into IP.And, you also could find that which IP contains how many websites easily in SEOPOID. About domain to IP: We use domain names to search for our favourite web sites; we also bookmark them in our search browsers. We might even write and shop them simply in case something goes wrong with our system. But why will we want to recognise a site's IP address? We will want this facts if we want to understand details about the area. What is an IP address? We must understand the answer to this earlier than we speak what a domain's IP cope with is. IP Adresses: There is a database that incorporates records of all of the websites which can be on the net. The IP address is what identifies one area from any other. Every domain is assigned a unique IP cope with. An IP (net Protocol) is a unique addressing machine used to become aware of all machines which are the usage of the internet. Whilst you connect to the internet thru any device; mobile phone, pill, laptop, computer, and so forth. You're recognized by an IP deal with. Without a completely unique addressing system running and handling the net might be actually not possible. Imagine if you have been dwelling in a place where there aren't any house numbers, no avenue numbers or names. It might be not possible to discover in which someone lives. There are varieties of IP addresses which can be assigned that are called static and dynamic. A static address never adjustments. Web web hosting carrier vendors purchase and use a collection of dynamic addresses. It approach that when a user who has been assigned a dynamic cope with is going off the road from the net, the cope with is assigned to some other consumer. Static Versus Dynamic IP Address: Static IP addresses reveal such information because the continent, us of a, and region wherein a computer is positioned. But, the IP deal with won't be revealing the right statistics about the area. The cause for that is that a company placed in South Asia may have a static IP cope with on a web hosting provider company located within the united states of america. The IP cope with will provide this statistics when an IP research is administered. Huge agencies choose to have static IP addresses, and additionally some governments businesses have static IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are a pool of interchangeable IP addresses. All net service providers have a pool of addresses, and they assign an IP cope with when a consumer connects to the net. Sharing a dynamic IP address is cheaper and more secure than a static IP deal with. Hackers locate it simpler to hack static IP addresses as the cope with of a domain in no way modifications. While a hacker attempts to hack a dynamic cope with, she or he would possibly stumble upon a distinct area the usage of the IP cope with.